Home remedies to get rid of body odour

Excessive hot weather and workout can cause sweating. Though, sweating is considered good for a person and is a part of active living in summer.

This can also cause discomfort and embarrassment too.

Here’s few ways through which you can avoid foul smell from your body :

Shower: Take a shower regularly. You can bathe twice a day, if needed. Use cold water during summers to beat the heat. You can also use oils like rosemary, lavender, etc.

Use of potato: You can also use slices of potato in order to fight foul smell. Rub the slices for 10 minutes in your underarm area. Wash it off with cold water. This will slowly fade away the smell.

Keep yourself hydrated: Drink 7-8 glasses of water a day. As this will eliminate the toxins from your body through urine and will prevent foul smell.

Gulabjal: Add a few drops of gulabjal in water while bathing.

Avoid spicy and fried items: Avoid spicy and fried food during summers which increases the digestive stress and acidic level in the body.

Aloe Vera: You can apply natural Aloe Vera gel in your underarm area. Aloe Vera has antibacterial and antifungal properties, it kills smell causing microbes. You can also soak cotton pad in Aloe Vera gel and can easily wipe the skin.

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